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The Studio

CrownTown Records is an independent music production company that uses independent distributors and/or digital distribution methods to get releases both online and into the traditional brick and mortar music retailers. We offer artists the facility and expertise they need to produce their best work. With a dedicated studio, there is no pressure on artists to maximize “paid”studio time.

CrownTown Records is currently looking for current upcoming artist in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. If you are currently performing and have demo tracks we’d like to hear from you. We review all demo submissions. If we think that you may be a fit, we will be in contact for further correspondence. Submit your demo today!

The BIG advantage that CrownTown Records has over others in Charlotte is that we own our recording facility! Visit Grooveshack Recording Studio site for full details

Submit your demo today!

 We record and produce ideas together! Great sound, efficient work.

We never take short cuts when recording your music. Music production sounds are evolving and we take steps to ensure ALL recordings sound current.

Everything starts with a song. Without great songs, there is no business. We make sure there’s a system in place to distribute and sell records through the many digital outlets.

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